Welcome to /c/introductions!

Welcome to /c/introductions! Feel free to use this space to introduce yourself (or your instance if you are an instance-admin) to the #federation! …

Hi, Masterofballs here

Hello everyone. …


Like my other introduction, but on Lemmy

Hello, I go by Liwott, and I like playing with Fediverse’s interoperability, so I’ll do that to reshare my introduction in a comment…



Howdy folks. My name is Preston Maness. I’m a socialist --a card-carrying member of DSA, member of my local Austin DSA chapter, card-carrying SRA member, Bernie Victory Captain back in 2020-- and a software engineer in Austin Texas, mostly writing back-end C# code. I graduated from Texas State Unive…



Hi everyone! I’m George Ellenburg. I thought I’d kick things off with an #introduction about myself. Writing an introduction here in addition to one I have already posted allows me at least to be a little more creative I think. Besides, #Pleroma may support 5000 charact…


This is an open community where anyone is free to introduce themselves or their instance (if they are an instance admin) on the federation.

Introduction posts are great, but introduction posts quickly get lost in the shuffle. After a couple of days those posts may be buried.

/c/introductions hopes to solve this by providing a more formal forum and outlet for Fediverse users to introduce themselves.

Instance admins are also welcome to introduce their instance to the rest of the community too!

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