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George E.

As an Italian, I’m sad; as a Belgian, I’m curious 😀

Heh! Sorry! That’s only because Spotify/ Pandora hasn’t played any. Can you recommend any Italian pop/ europop musicians/ songs from Italy?

I like some Axelle Red, Clouseau, and Tom Helsen.

As for my writing, in my spare time I write some short stories and novellas under a couple of different pen-names that I publish on Amazon. I don’t make enough money from it to supplant my career and normal income, but I make enough for some beer and pizza usually each month. :-)

I prefer Pop!_OS on my Linux boxes. Plus. System76 is a much more reputable Company.

I haven’t tried contacting the California Attorney General. I think I know what I’m doing on Monday! Thank you for the info/ suggestion.

I was actually pleased with my Librem 15 laptop. The hardware kill-switches for the radios was novel and revolutionary at the time. Which is why I fully supported (and was looking forward to) the Librem 5. Even after the Pine Phone came out cheaper and basically doing the same thing. I still supported the Librem 5.

And to be fair to them some of the early delays did seem legit. But when I demanded a refund and they fed me so much bullshit I had enough.

Fortunately I saved everything so maybe the Cali AG will be able to help me.

I can’t support Purism. Not any more. I purchased a Librem 5 from them, they took my money, and they (still) refuse to refund my money for a product they never delivered to me. >$600 they stole from me.


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